Best Casino Payment and Withdrawal Methods from Microgaming

While girls take the credit cards from their men, boys use the same payment methods to relax in their own way. Yeah, online gambling gets into the number of the things that bring joy no less than shopping. Therewith, Microgaming doesn’t ask questions, it knows what exactly you want.

Types Of Deposit Methods for Beginners

Payment methods from Microgaming casinos
Online gambling houses are used to pleasing you with their convenient conditions. Huh, if I hadn’t experienced Microgaming casino brands on my own, it would sound like a lip-service for me. Still, that is the point, which maintains trustworthy reputation of this or that portal.

eWallets at Online Casinos

Usually, the option is widely used among the advanced players, they know the delicacies of online betting already. That is a very convenient way out for those who don’t have time for extra actions, like entering personal info each time when making payments.


Hey, this kind of online money transfer service is just a rescue for numerous gamblers. Besides, it is mostly used at casinos, cause it makes both depositing and withdrawal smooth. Use either credit-debit cards, electronic funds or bank transfer and the access to your account will be always open.


That is the top online payment method that is known for its safety and reliability. Having MoneyBookers, you don’t have to enter your card items every time playing. Free and fast withdrawals and the opportunity to ask for cheque when cashing out the balance. What is more, the option is active worldwide.

Prepaid Cards without bank account needed

The number of people who still use cash in their daily life reduces every day. New technologies allow us to go shopping, traveling and gambling without any readies. With this brilliant option, you can be sure that there won’t be a chance to get robbed in any sense, you can block the card anyway. Reload it and hurry to start depositing.

Paysafecard (Ukash)

Not diverging from your habits, you can go on using the similar debit cards both for simple transactions and casino investments. After several actions, such as filling in the id number of the voucher, you amount grows up and activates the games.

Credit Cards

Direct payment options, which doesn’t require any special conditions are perhaps the most commonly used method all over the world. You just set a limit of credits you can spend a month and, that is it, now you are free to do whatever comes uppermost.


There is almost no one who doesn’t own Visa card nowadays.Make a deposit or withdrawal with Visa or MasterCard
In any part of the globe people take it along for various kinds of payments. Furthermore, this method is in any online casino and matches for both cashing out and loading money to your profile.


Like bananas in Africa, MasterCard is available the world over. Here you can relish and watch your money getting transferred to the casino balance. Besides, it is offered in every trustworthy gambling house and there is no need to turn to another option.

Intermediary Payment Services

Leave everything to mediators and relax. When there are some odds with currencies or the payment requires too many steps, that are time-consuming for you, intermediary services are to give you a hand. Acting as a third-party between you and the casino, the option simplifies bank transfers.


The method is considered to be the fastest and the easiest way of transferring the monetary funds to your casino account. What is more, it is like an e-wallet and your personal info won’t pass through casinos, only the funds.


The electronic payment service is mostly popular in Russia and CIS states, that is why, most casinos which accept the countries provide the option to use.

Intermediary Banking Services

The following options are more local and, thus, specific. Another difference with the previous methods is that the transactions go from your personal account through internet banking system. In such a way, your info gets to the casino.


The payment option is mostly used in the Netherlands. It provides online payments and supports high level of safety for its users.


Australia and New Zealand gamblers jump with joy, cause this option perfectly matches their needs. Secure banking is assured, just use the intermediary mean.

Instant Wire Transfer

That is the traditional way of transporting your funds to the balance. Though, you should be careful, to see the result you have to wait for a while. The option is not instant and, that is why, a couple of days are sometimes required to refill your amount.

Best Casino Withdrawal Methods for UK residents

Take a deep breath, Microgaming won’t leave you alone. Most banking methods described above are also available for cashing out the funds. Such options as PayPal, MoneyBookers, Neteller and the other services work fast and are the most convenient for gamblers to withdraw their winnings.